DIY Thursday: Father’s Day Awesomeness!

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioToday for Buckeye Honda DIY Thursday we are going to make Dad proud maybe even bring a tear to his eye this Father’s Day!

I know around my house I am known as Mr. Fix-It, Mr. Handy, if it is broken let me know and I’ll make it better than it was … right?…. OK not really.  I’ll get around to getting it fixed and when I do I usually grab two things: multi-head screwdriver and Duct Tape!  What Handy Fix-It Man worth his Man Card would go into battle without Duct Tape?  None that I know, or even want to know!  So this Father’s Day give that man what he really wants, no dare I say – Deserves… A Duct Tape Crown!

What you need:cup

Duct Tape – It’s OK go get Dads he had plenty or you can go to the store and buy some cool designer duct tape, just keep it Manly!

Something To Wrap –  He could wear the crown or maybe around a beverage or bowl


Printouts, Stickers  – (Optional) Free printouts can be found here.

Step 1:  Tear a piece of duct tape long enough to fit around your object (cupcake, bowl, can, etc) plus a little extra length.cup5

Hint: When deciding on what to put your crown around try to choose something that is the same size around from top to bottom, if you choose a cup that is smaller at the bottom and wider at the top you might want to look at this template.

Step 2: Tear a second piece of duct tape the same length and attach it to #1, slightly overlapping them if the object you are wrapping is tall you can do it a third or fourth time as well.

Step 3: Now do step #1 and #2 again.

Step 4: Take your two pieces of duct tape and place them together stick side to sticky side.  cup3Basically what we are doing here is getting rid of the sticky.  When you are done you should have one rectangle piece of duct tape with the shiny side showing on both sides.

Step 5: Now trim the edges to get rid of any overhanging tape.

Hint: Duct tape is very sticky and very strong.  If you have little ones doing this project you might have to help them get to this part of the project.  The best part is if it gets messed up, no problem it’s duct tape and you have an entire roll!

cup2Step 6: Cut some triangle along the “top” of the duct tape.  If they are not straight or even – who cares!  It will just add to the character that is this awesome present!

Step 7: Next  wrap the duct tape around whatever object you planned for, this could be Dad’s head, a bowl, cupcake, can, or maybe his favorite bottled beverage.  Now attach the two sides with duct tape, of course!

Step 8: Decorate with stickers or affix one or multiple of the printouts.

HINT — Now depending on what it is that you are wrapping you might need to do three or fourcup1 rows but it is the same process.  If you are doing a beverage you might want to overlap the bottom a little and then tuck it under and then place another piece of round duct tape to make a bottom.  This might help reduce spillage.

From everyone at Buckeye Honda we hope you have a great weekend and if you end up making one of these Duct Tape Crowns take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page or send it to us on Twitter, we would love to see it.




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