DIY Thursday: Mason Jar Soap/Lotion Dispenser

DIY Projects from Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioToday for Do-It-Yourself Thursday we are continuing our series using mason jars and making a soap or lotion dispenser.  Don’t miss next week when we have a Father’s Day Gift for Mr. Fix It Himself!

One way to decorate a bathroom or kitchen is to upgrade your soap or lotion dispenser.  Not only does making one of these add a little character to an otherwise boring dispenser it also will save you money in the long run and is better for the environment.  You see by using one of these re-usable dispensers you can purchase your soap or lotion in a larger bottle and we all know buying in bulk is less expensive.  You also will cut down on the amount of plastic that you are throwing out by going with a larger bottle.  Do not think of the plastic in the bottle but think of the plastic in the pump, not to mention the metal spring, those start to add up.  This way we use the same one over and over again, and it looks great!

What you need:pump1

  • Mason Jar with Lid and Screw Ring
  • Drill with drill bit (you might need 1/2 inch or larger we needed 7/16th bit) If you have a step bit those work great!
  • Tin Snips – I used scissors
  • Soap Pump – You can upcycle one from another soap dispenser or buy one from the hardware store.  They come in a number of colors and prices.  The one we are using came with the pump and bottle for about $4.  We will use the bottle for something else later.  If you are looking for a metal one (looks great) take the mason jar ring with you to make sure they coordinate.
  • Glue – Hot Glue, Super Glue or bathroom caulk

Step One

WIth the lid screwed on the bottle use your drill w/ drill bit to drill a hole in the center of the lid.  You need pump2to apply some pressure here or the bit will “walk” off of the lid leaving a trail of scratches.  One thing you can do is drive a nail into the lid and use that as your pilot hole.

Step Two

Clean out the jar of all metal shavings, and trim any hanging pieces of metal with tin snips, be careful it could be sharp.

Step Three

Slide the Pump through the hole in the lid and check to see if you need to cut a little of the supply tube off to allow the lid to close properly and notpump3 push the pump up.

Step Four

Put the pump through the hole and use a little glue to seal around the hole on the underside of the lid.  Rest the lid on the jar to allow drying.  Do Not Tighten Lid Down this can cause the inside of your jar to fog up due to the chemicals in the glue.

pump7Step Five

Fill the clean jar with soap or lotion, screw down the lid with the pump and enjoy!



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