Technology Tuesday: Honda LaneWatch

Honda LaneWatch available at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OhioBuckeye Honda’s Technology Tuesday brings you: Honda Lane Watch.

The Honda LaneWatch technology is currently available on the 2013 Honda Accord with EX trim and higher.  Honda has not stated what other models will get this great feature but we feel that it will be coming to other models soon.

The Honda LaneWatch system is designed to eliminate a blind-spot on the passenger side of theHonda LaneWatch available at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio vehicle, thus making for a safer and less stressful driving on the freeway.

The All-New LaneWatch Enhances your view of passenger-side traffic using a tiny camera on the passenger side mirror.  The tiny camera can be manually or automatically activated when you signal right.  Live video displays on the i-MID screen, and it provides you with a view nearly four times greater than using the passenger side mirror alone.

The typical field of view for a passenger-side mirror is approximately 18 to 22 degrees, but the LaneWatch field-of-view is about four times greater, or approximately 80 degrees. The system helps the driver to see traffic, as well as pedestrians, bicycles or other objects in the vehicle’s blind spot. To help make judging distance easier, the display has three reference lines. The reference lines not only help with lane changes but also make  parallel parking much easier and less stressful.  Drivers are encouraged to visually confirm roadway conditions prior to changing lanes.

In January of this year Honda’s LaneWatch won a 2013 VIP (Very Innovative Products) award Honda LaneWatch available at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohiofrom Good Housekeeping, the only automotive product to earn this distinction in 2013 and one of only nine new product winners overall.   There were over 1,500 products evaluated by the scientists and engineers at the Good Housekeeping research facility.

“LaneWatch is an intuitive visibility technology that represents the sort of innovation that consumers have come to expect from Honda,” said Mike Accavitti, vice president of national marketing operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Automotive products don’t often win Good Housekeeping’s VIP awards, and that makes it even sweeter to have LaneWatch listed among the best new consumer products of 2013.”

The next time you are in for service or even out just looking at vehicles stop by and take a look at what the All New Honda Accord has to offer, including the All-New LaneWatch system.

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