DIY Thursday: Mason Jar Lights — Under $5!

solar4Today on DIY Thursday at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio, we are going to make some really great Mason Jar Lights.

These lights are great on the patio, in the garden and they make terrific night lights in a bathroom.  The best part about this lights, other than the cool jar, they are solar and can be done for under $5

What you need:

Mason Jars – I chose the Blue Heritage jars from Ball.  Ball is putting out blue jars to commemorate their history of making this great canning jar for 100 years.  The blue color really gives the jar some character and goes well with your Honda!  The price of these jars are about $10 for 6 lights = less than $2 for each jar.  solar

Solar Lights – These solar lights can be found in the garden and outdoor section of Walmart or Target.  We chose to visit the Walmart located behind the store and picked up a solar light for under $1 yes under $1.

Tin Snips, or some way of cutting a hole in the lid of the jar.

Marker for drawing a circle around your light.

Clear Caulk or Rubber Cement (Optional)

Step 1: Remove the solar light part from the stem of the light.  This is easy as they just twist off so you can get to the battery.

solar2Step 2: Draw a circle on the lid of your mason jar using the solar light as the guide.  We don’t want the circle to be too big but it needs to be big enough to squeeze the solar light into the lid.

Step 3:  Use your cutting tool to cut out the circle.  You may need to use a file to get rid of rough edges.

Step 4: Once you have the hole cut out slide the solar light through the hole.  It might not fit exactly and you may need to go in and cut a little more off in one area or another.  The key to this is patience, cut a little at a time.  Once you get the light in through the hole it should stay there.  solar3


Step 5: You can use a little clear caulk or rubber cement around the solar light and the lid to seal it in there.  Do this on the underside of the lid so it won’t be seen.

Step 6: Screw the lid and trim ring onto the jar and wipe off the jar.

Step 7: Sit back and enjoy your light that you have less than $5 invested in.

I would suggest making 3 of these and placing them together on the patio table, three makes for a nice look.  You can also pair them with one of the floating candle mason jars that we made last week.  Feel free to decorate your mason jar with ribbon or fill it with some sand or decorative rocks or ???  Tell us what you would put in one or better yet make one and send us a picture!  We tried to take a couple pictures in the dark but they did not show up very well… the shadows look fantastic but our photographer couldn’t capture it… if you do send us a picture by email at or tweet us one on twitter @buckeyehonda.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s DIY Thursday!  Come back tomorrow for Foodie Friday!

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