Team Member Monday: Matt Masso

 Today with Team Member Monday we are highlighting Buckeye Honda Sales Professional Matt Masso!

mattMatt is a resident of Lancaster Ohio and a graduate of Logan High School.  Matt has been with Buckeye Honda for a just over a year and it looks like he will be here for many to come.  “I enjoy being at Buckeye Honda, the people who I work with are great and the product and facility are top of the line.”   Matt is also continuing his education as a student of  Ohio University majoring in Business.  He plans to use the knowledge that he gains from completing his degree and using them in the real world as he continues his sales profession at Buckeye Honda.

In Matt’s free time he likes to stay active.  Matt enjoys staying in shape and you might see him running on the many streets in and around town.  Matt was a cross-country runner in high school and continues to enjoy running.  One of the things that you might not know about Matt is his love for playing the piano and making wood furniture.  “It is a way for me to unwind and relax while still being creative”  he goes on to say that “making something has its own set of rewards but the process of designing, laying out and then working with the wood is most rewarding.”

Matt has a cat named Lilith and an Iguana named Ammon-Ra.  Matt explains that “Ammon-Ra was the Chieftain of the Egyptian Gods, god of the massosun, sky and heaven”  He goes on to say that “My iguana loves the sun, as do many, and this is how he got his name.”

From his bio found on the Buckeye Honda website you can find out more about Matt including his favorite toy as a child, favorite movie, song as well as how he likes his steak cooked.   Check it out and get to know Matt Masso a little bit better.





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