DIY Thursday – Memorial Day Edition

Mason Jar Candles from Buckeye HondaHello Again and welcome to Buckeye Honda’s DIY Thursday!

With the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday coming up we are going to give you an idea to show your patriotism while making a great decoration for your outdoor living space.

Memorial Day is a very important Holiday for our nation, when we  remember those Service Men and Women that gave their lives serving our great country.  For many it is also signifies the start of Summer and a time when many of us can enjoy the freedoms that those Great Men and Women were protecting!  To All Unites States Service Personnel – Thank You!

Now on to the project!!!  When I think of summer I think of being outside.  Grilling in the backyard or maybe sitting under the stars with a nice cold lemonade, sharing stories with family and friends – while the kids chase fireflies around the yard.   Sure would be nice to have a candle or something to give a little extra something to the mood….

What you are going to need… candle

Canning Jar(s) – If you can find some older vintage ones that would be fantastic but they are getting harder to find.  I went with a Pint Jar from Ball out of their Heritage collection.  Ball has been making canning jars for 100 years and they brought back the blue ones to celebrate this milestone.

Ribbon – I went with a patriotic ribbon but you can mix it up with a number of patterns, or maybe a grass like wire that you could tie into a bow.  Take a look and be creative.  If you are going for patriotic, and we recommend that you do, you can always swap it out to give it a different look later!

Water – Nice clean warm water.  Try not to use cold water or the glass will get a lot of condensation on the outside.

Tea Light Candle – These are inexpensive and  found at any discount store like Target or you can make your own. Instructions here.

Glue – Hot glue gun would work best but you can also use the white stuff or a little tape.  (They won’t let me use a hot glue gun at the dealership – they are afraid I am going to hurt myself!!  Ha Ha!)


Step 1 Prep the candle.  If you have purchased candles follow these instruction to prep your candles.

  • Remove your candles from the metal holder at the bottom
  • Light another candle and drip wax all over the bottom of the candle including the small metal disk that is attached to the wick.  DO NOT REMOVE the metal disk, we need that to help keep the wick upright.
  • Now you are done!  Yeah I did not need to put in this step but I felt it needed to look more complicated

Step 2   This step can be done many ways…can

  • Tie the ribbon around the neck
  • Screw on the lid ring (not the center part of the lid unless you are storing)
  • Add the ribbon with the lid ring
  • Put the lid ring on and add the ribbon around the middle of the jar
  • It’s your project play around with it and see what you think looks best
  • **HINT** Use a little tape when playing around with it and then use the glue – much easier this way.

Step 3  Fill your mason jar with water.  If you are making multiple jars play around with the height of the water and do not make them all the same, this will give you different light at different angles and give you more dancing shadows on the table.

Step 4  Float your candle in the jar.candle3

Step 5  Put a comment in the comment section down below or on our Facebook page.

Step 7  Take a picture of your completed jars and Send it to us, share on our Facebook page or Tweet it to us @Buckeyehonda

We hope you have enjoyed our DIY Thursday and we look forward to seeing you again next week.  Do not forget Foodie Friday is coming tomorrow and Chef is working on something “Epic” according to Chef and when Chef uses the word “Epic” it typically means – Bacon!

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