Technology Tuesday: Making A Call using Bluetooth

Technology Tuesday at Buckeye Honda Lancaster, OhioToday on Technology Tuesday we continue our series on using your Bluetooth Enabled phone with How To Make A Call.

With Bluetooth HandsFreeLink wireless technology, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.  Bluetooth HandsFreeLink communicates with your phone and uses voice recognition so you can make and receive calls and even text messages—while concentrating on the road ahead.

Making a phone call? Simply push the call button and say “call” and the person‘s name, and Bluetooth Buckeye Honda Lancaster OhioBluetooth HandsFreeLink will recall the number stored in the HFL‘s phonebook. Receiving a call? The caller‘s number will display on the display screen if the number is available to the system.  You can also say “Dial by number” and then “dial” followed by the phone number that you want to dial.

You can even be alerted when incoming text messages are received using the i-MID system. (Note: Some vehicles and phones do not transmit or display this information.) The i-MID will display the message on its screen, read it aloud, or save it for later.

Handsfree Calling using Bluetooth at Buckeye HondaBuckeye Honda offers free setup and free tutorials on how to use your HandsFree Link, all you have to do is come into the store and one of our experts will guide you through the process.  Since every vehicle is slightly different you can go to the HandsFree Website and view detailed instructions about your exact vehicle.

Features included with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink:

  • Steering Wheel Controls – Use your steering wheel controls to activate Bluetooth HandsFreeLink.
  • Display – View the display (if equipped) to see call details, such as caller ID, signal strength, battery level and, if you are in a roaming area, for your cellular provider. (Note: Some vehicles and phones do not transmit or display this information.)
  • Transfer Feature – Transfer calls between your phone and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink.  Plus, you can transfer a call from Bluetooth HandsFreeLink to the phone (and vice versa) simply by pressing the TALK button and saying “Transfer.”
  • Call Waiting – When you hear the call waiting tone, place the first call on hold, and press and release the TALK button to answer the incoming call.
  • Navigation System: Call Points of Interest – Call restaurants and other points of interest in your navigation system.
  • Phone Book and Contacts – Transfer and store up to 1,000 names and 10,000 phone numbers in the phone book ofBluetooth HandsFreeLink.
  • SMS Text Message Function – By using the intelligent-Multi Information Display (i-MID), you can send and receive text messages while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The i-MID will display the message on its screen, read it aloud, or save it for later. And if you want to send a response from the road, choose one of i-MID’s many pre-written messages.

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