Technology Tuesday: Pairing Your Bluetooth Phone To Your Honda

Tech Tuesday is here and today we are going to start the three part series that covers the Honda HandsFreeLink.

Honda HandsFreeLinkWith Bluetooth HandsFreeLink wireless technology, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.Bluetooth HandsFreeLink communicates with your phone and uses voice recognition so you can make and receive calls and even text messages—while concentrating on the road ahead.  Bluetooth HandsFreeLink is a smarter way to use your phone in your car. You’ll never have to hold your mobile phone again while you’re behind the wheel.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer incoming call information to the display (if equipped) where you can see the call details. The voice command system uses your voice commands to dial phone numbers, names stored in the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system, and will even direct-dial locations that are stored in your navigation system. All of which provides you with a safer and more convenient drive. (Note: some vehicles and phones do not transmit or display this information.)

The first step to being able to use your HandsFreeLink is to pair your phone to the system.  Pairing just means to connect the  two systems so thatbluetooth they can work together.  To pair your phone these are the basic steps.  Since there are many different phones, newer versions and different cellular carriers your phone might be slightly different and require additional steps.  If this is the case you can look up the specific steps for your phone here or just bring it to us at Buckeye Honda and we will set it up for you with no worries!

  1. On the phone, verify Bluetooth is ON and it’s in discoverable mode. Consult your phone’s user manual for instructions on how to change these settings.
  2. Press the PHONE button on the radio unit. The handsfree system will notify you that there are no phones paired to the system and ask you if you would like to add a phone now.
  3. Select “YES”
  4. The system will search and then provide a list of Bluetooth devices found.
  5. Select your phone from the list. The phone will prompt for the pairing pass-code. Enter the pairing pass-code provided by the system into the phone.
  6. If the phone is not found by the system, select “PHONE NOT FOUND?” and skip to step 8. The handsfree system will prompt you to begin the pairing search from the phone.
  7. Once the phone is paired the system will notify you that the pairing was complete. Check your phone for any popups and be sure to select any check boxes to always allow access to the PBAP requests if asked. Not accepting this request may cause the Bluetooth connection problems.
  8. If your phone was not found while on step 6, proceed with the following steps on the phone.
  9. Starting at the Main screen
  10. Tap Settings
  11. Tap General
  12. Tap Bluetooth
  13. Tap the switch to turn it on and start the search
  14. Tap the expected name of the device
  15. Enter the selected passcode and tap Pair
  16. Tap the left pointing icon to return to the previous screen
  17. Or press the square to return to the Main screen

handsfreeThat looks like a lot of instructions but it is really easy to do.  If at any time you just do not want to mess with it, bring it to Buckeye Honda and we will pair your phone for you.  We do these everyday and can have you in and out of here in no time at all – Guaranteed!

Now you can watch a video by Kent about pairing a phone to the system.  Come back next week when Kent will show us  how to make a call using our HandsFreeLink…


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