Team Member Monday: Dexter!

Detail Specialist at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio - DEX!Monday is Team Member Monday at Buckeye Honda and today we are talking to Detailer – Dexter “Dex” Pritchard!

Dexter is one of our Detail Specialists and his hard work can be seen in almost every car that rolls across our parking lot.  Many people think that detailing a car is easy but it takes a lot of hard work and knowledge to get it done right.  At Buckeye Honda we wash every vehicle that comes in for a service appointment, we also vacuum out the front compartment as well.  So when you get an oil change at Buckeye you get more than New Oil, Filter, and Multi-Point Inspection you also get a clean car.  We also offer customer detail work for when your car deserves a little extra attention.

Dex has been with Buckeye Honda for almost a year but he is not new to working around cars.  “I have been working around cars since I was really young”, says Dexter.  “I practically grew up in and around cars, if it had an engine and moved I was interested in how it worked and how it looked” – Dexter.  Dexter goes on to say that his father and uncle were and are very influential in his attitude toward taking care of an automobile.  “When I came to work for Buckeye Honda I was already custom to keeping a clean and organized shop, it is the way I was brought up and just the way you do it.”  Dexter also points out that he takes pride in the work he does and it does not matter if it is a brand new 2013 Honda Accord or if it is a 10 year old used car that has seen the road over and over again.  “My job is to make the Detail Specialist at Buckeye Honda serving Columbus, Logan, Lancaster and Fairfield County Ohiocars look as great as possible and Buckeye Honda gives me the tools and the products to use to make that happen.”  “One of the coolest things is when I get in a car that might not have been kept as clean as the owner would have liked and then I go to work on it.  When I am get done with it the paint is shining, the glass sparkles and it smells fresh and clean inside.”

When Dex is not at Buckeye Honda he is hanging out with his family and passing along his strong work ethic to his son, Dexter II.  Dexter also still likes tooling around with anything with an engine that moves.  One of his fondest memories is riding his dirt bike, getting dirty and trying to figure out how to make it go faster.   Dex enjoys watching Trophy Truck racing, Hill Climbing, and pretty much anything that goes fast in the dirt.  One of his new hobbies is on the miniature scale with the remote control versions of the big toys.

Detailer at Buckeye Honda - DexterWhen asked if there was a “Most Memorable” vehicle that he had ever worked on Dexter did not even hesitate – 1964.5 Ford Fairlane with “wet” black exterior, red interior and a 289 hipo under the hood… “that was one beautiful car.”

For Foodie Friday Dex suggested to Chef that he start to work on some grilled pork chops and of course Chef answered the request with “Challenge Accepted!”  So check back on Friday to see if Chef is able to make Dexter happy with one of his favorite foods.

*Insiders Note* The Detail department has a varied taste in music, if you stop by you might hear anything from “Dog Howlin’ Country to “Electronica”  It is one of the things that makes this group of guys individuals.  They work hard at what they do and the proof is in the results.  If you would like to put Dexter and The Detail Dept to work, then check out our detail special for our blog readers.  The special includes Wash & Vacuum, Buff & Wax the paint, Shampoo Interior, Clean Engine and Trunk, Dress rubber, vinyl & leather surfaces.  Retail Price $159.95 Dexter’s Detail Discount only $129.95 ($30 savings).  You must ask for the $129.95 Detail Special!

Honda Pilot racing baja hondaridgeline


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