It’s Time To Play – What’s That Sound? Brought to You By Buckeye Honda Saturday Service Tip

You are the only one who has unlimited access to your car, so it’s important for you to be able to identify unusual sounds.  Thumps, shrieks and knocks are your car’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  Buckeye Honda is trying to help drives understand the strange noises that their cars make.

Car Knocks

Knocks can come from inside the engine, or they can come from the car’s drivetrain.  A knock can indicate a number of issues, but the most extended-hours-namechangecommon culprits for engine knocks are worn crankshaft bearings, loose bolts in the gearbox, low or little oil, and bad connecting rods.

Scratching and Metal-on-Metal Squealing When You Stop

Scratching noises, rubbing, and metal-on-metal squealing indicates a brake problem.  As soon as you hear any of those sounds, you need to get your brakes taken care of right away.  If you hear the loud metal-on-metal, it means there is nothing left of your brake pads.  Your car is relying on the bare metal to stop it.

Squealing Beneath the Hood

If you hear a squeal beneath the hood as soon as you start your car, it means there is a loose or worn belt.  The belts most commonly affected are fan belts, and air compressor belts.

Clunking When Your Turn

If you hear a clunking or thumping sound coming from the rear or any of the wheel areas, it may indicate that your universal joints need to be replaced.  Prop shaft and rear differential issues can also cause a thumping sound when you drive.

Engine Pings

If you hear an engine ping, you may need to switch to a higher octane fuel.  If you switch to a higher fuel, and the ping continues, take your car to the mechanic to have the timing inspected and adjusted.

servicehoursEngine Ticks When it Idles or When You Rev it Up

If you notice a faint ticking when your car idles or a ticking sound when your car accelerates, you should change your oil.  If that doesn’t resolve the ticking, have your mechanic inspect the tappets.  A tick usually indicated the tappets are being lubricated improperly by the motor oil.

Car Whines When it is Running

If you hear a whining sound, take your car to the shop.  The car will need to be put up on a lift to inspect the transmission and differential.

As soon as you notice any of these common car sounds, bring your car to Buckeye Honda for a thorough inspection.  Make sure you can identify the sound and tell the mechanic where is is coming from on your vehicle.  We have made small suggestions to see if it resolves the problem, but only your mechanic can accurately identify the internal issue.

Check out our Award Winning Service and Parts Team.  Make an appointment online to have your vehicle checked out or call toll-free 1-866-822-7485

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