Team Member Monday: Eric Waddell

Eric Waddell is more than just the Parts Manager for Buckeye Honda.  Eric began his automotive career at Jegs Performance Parts in Columbus Ohio and came to work for Buckeye Honda in 2005.  Eric was promoted to Parts Manager a couple of years ago and provides fast and accurate service to both the service technicians he supports as well as the do it yourself mechanic.  The key to Eric’s success is his knowledge of automobiles and his efficient way of getting things done.  Eric Waddell, Parts Manager Buckeye Honda

Coming to Buckeye, Eric brought a vast amount of car knowledge, something he learned growing up in a “Car Family”.  When Eric was a just a boy you could find him in the garage with his father, Mike and his two brothers Pat and Shawn.  Mike did all of his own work on the family automobiles and Eric was eager to learn.  When  not in the family garage, Eric was reading car magazines, books and going to car shows.  Eric learned how cars worked quickly and then it was all about figuring out how to make them go faster.

Eric has taken his love of cars to the next level by competing in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA).  Eric was crowned the 2012 Performance Touring E Class National Champion.  You can see the race here… check out starting around minute 16 when Eric starts making his move to take the lead with some great driving.  Eric won the race in a Honda CRX he also races in the Honda Challenge Series in a 1991 Honda Civic that has had a lot of his and his brothers hard work and sweat pumped into it.  Pat and Shawn were right there with Eric

Eric Waddell is a National Champion Race Car driver in the NASA organization in PTE Class

Eric Waddell on the 1st Place Podium at NASA National Championship PTE

giving him race crew support not to mention some good brotherly fun.

When Eric is not at Buckeye or on the track he loves spending his time with his wife Amanda and their daughters Hayden and Emery.  Eric and Amanda met at Buckeye Honda while Amanda was working as a Customer Service Representative and Eric was holding down his spot in the Parts Department.  Amanda and Eric were wedded almost 4 years ago and make their home in Logan Ohio.  Amanda is a Clever Container Organizer and has offered great and fun organizational tools and supplies for a couple of years now.  You can contact Amanda for a product catalog or to book an in-home party here.

When it is time to relax Eric likes to sit on the deck with a nice beer in hand.  Eric prefers a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, a clean and crisp wheat beer with natural lemonade flavor. Eric Waddell Parts Manager of Buckeye Honda with wife Amanda and daughters Hayden and Emery  Eric says that you can not  go wrong with a Leinie’s Summer Shandy on a hot summer day.  (Keep an eye out for our Foodie Friday Article coming May 3rd for more about this great beer.)  Eric’s go to comfort food is Mashed Potatoes, something we are going to share more about on an upcoming Foodie Friday.

To find out what Eric’s favorite car is, what he is listening to on his MP3 player or who he would like to dine with check out his personal bio page here.  For more information about all our Parts and Service personnel click here and then click on the profile picture.

At Buckeye Honda we would love to hear from you!  Share with us your favorite recipe, beverage, car, racing story (sanctioned and legal events only, please) and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles or have your recipe shared with our readers.

Eric Waddell, Parts Manager for Buckeye Honda with his family.


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