Earth Day is Every Day at Buckeye Honda

Happy Earth Day!

Buckeye Honda believes that taking care of the Earth is an important responsibility. earthfromspace Buckeye Honda is not only committed to provided fantastic customer service through our Award Winning Service and Sales departments but we are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment.  Let’s face it there is only one Earth and we owe it to ourselves to take care of it!

What is Buckeye Honda doing?  We start by having a recycling program.  We teamed up with Fairfield Community Action  to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum cans and cardboard.  There are multiple recycling receptacles placed throughout the dealership with a focus on areas of heavy paper, aluminum can and plastic use.  With an automotive dealership one of the largest challenges is paper and customer information.  For this reason there are numerous paper shredding devices and collection bins located throughout the dealership.  These documents are picked up by a separate service and recycled in a more secure way to insure customer information is kept safe.

Buckeye’s recycling program is more than paper deep!    When you visit Buckeye Honda you can easily see some of our recycling bins and slider_img5receptacles located around the dealership… but what else do we recycle?!   Oil!  Yes we recycle our oil in-house!  Buckeye Honda utilizes a Clean Burn Oil system that is EPA Approved – Environmentally Friendly.  By recycling the waste oil that we take out of your vehicle, during an oil change, through on-site heat recovery we reduce the risks of spills and contamination.  The use of waste oils as a fuel source sharply reduces pressure on natural gas and fuel oil supplies. Finally, Clean Burn waste oil combustion meets or exceeds every Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement for helping preserve clean air.

The disturbing news is that over 200 million of the 1.3 billion gallons of waste oil generated in the U.S. yearly are not collected, but rather dumped illegally or accidentally into sewers, streams, drains, landfills and backyards:

  • 200 million gallons is the equivalent of nearly 20 Exxon Valdez spills each year.
  • One gallon of waste oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of fresh drinking water.
  • One quart of waste oil can create a two-acre slick on surface water.
  • 40% of the pollution in U.S. waterways is from waste motor oil.

You can see why we are passionate about our responsibility when it comes to waste oil.

Buckeye Honda wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem and we want you to join us!  Consider these three tips to keep Central Ohio (and your Honda) green!

Monitor your fuel efficiency. Want to save at the pump and make Mother Nature happy? Just hit the “ECON” button. With Honda’s Eco Assist technology, your fuel efficiency will be worth bragging about. If you don’t have any fancy gadgets in your ride, consider using a smartphone app, like GasBuddy, to monitor your efficiency between fill-ups.

Get together a carpool. Do the kids have practice three nights a week? This sounds like an opportunity to set up a carpool with fellow parents. slider_img4Why not take turns driving to save you time and save the environment some CO2!  Even if it’s just one time per week, every little bit can help.

Help our green spaces.  Give a local park a much needed face-lift  While we wish we could do this with every local park out there, it takes a community effort to truly protect all of our parks and green spaces. That can be something as simple as picking up litter when you see it or shutting off the water from a hose left on.  List of Fairfield County Parks.

With the summer months just around the corner, we know Central Ohio  residents will be out and about enjoying the weather and the beautiful outdoors. As a community-oriented Lancaster Ohio Honda Dealer, we challenge you to follow these tips and help our community stay green!

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