You Were Made To Be Awesome!

Let’s Be Awesome!  Let’s Find A Reason To Dance!

More importantly let’s give others a reason to dance!

Yes you might be thinking “what in the world does a car dealership like Buckeye Honda have to do with making the world a better place?  They are just a car dealership, right?”  Well… not exactly!  You see, we believe in making things and people Awesome!  Jerry Spires, Thought Leader and Inspirational Guide (others call him the owner but that isn’t all he is), believes we are in “The People Business”.

Jerry was recently awarded with the Automotive Achievement Award for 2013 at the Columbus International Auto Show.  Jerry started his speech by saying  “We Believe we are in the people business not the car business.”

We have associates that have been with our organization for almost 30 years, several associates that have been with us for 10 – 15 – 20 years!  We want to be more than just a car dealership we want to be an organization that the communities wants to exist.  We try to support a number of local charities, school programs and do our best to be good neighbors.  We support environmental “green” programs in our dealerships from recycling to environmentally responsible practices in our Collision Center.

What makes you dance?  What makes you awesome?  What would make us even more awesome?  Please leave your comments here or on our Facebook Page.  We want to make Space Jam everyday!  Do you want to just do business with a company or do you want to do business with people?  People that want to be awesome!

One last thing in the everlasting words of Journey “Don’t stop believing…. unless your dream is stupid.”  We don’t think your dream is stupid – GO FOR IT!


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