Automotive April Fools Day!

Happy April, everyone!  Well as it is the 3rd day of April we all made it through the national holiday for pranksters, April Fools’ Day!  We are sure that there were many small acts of trickery as well as large-scale worldwide pranks played via the Internet.  We would like to recap some of the best Automotive April Fools’ Day Jokes w/video.  If we missed one feel free to leave them in the comments or post them to our Facebook page!

Of course the favorite this year at Buckeye Honda was the one from Honda!

HondaVac with HondaHair

Fresh off the introduction of the 2014 Odyssey, Honda is adding onto its innovative HondaVac system with a new accessory. Acting as a mobile Flowbee (the hair-cutting vacuum tool from the ’80s), the HondaHair attachment allows parents to give thier kids a quick haircut or tighten up a scraggly beard. Here’s a video to watch HondaHair in action:

Chevrolet Corvette Callaway AeroWagonette

Do you have a family of five, the budget for only one new car and a passion for Corvettes? Well Callaway just might give you something to dream about. After showing off the AeroWagon, a shooting brake version of the2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, last month, Callaway is now bringing us the AeroWagonette, a small trailer that can be towed behind the ‘Vette and seat three small children. We’re fairly sure – or at least we hope – that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would never sign off on something like this.  We would suggest just looking at a Honda Odyssey to haul around the kids but to each there own!


BMW Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM)

Looking to cash in on some of the attention surrounding this summer’s arrival of the first child of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, BMW has come up with the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM). The PRAM is a self-propelled stroller with air conditioning, a “paparazzi-proof hood” and the choice of two or four-wheel drive.


Volvo External Vehicle Protection system


It’s always fun when ideas from science fiction movies make it to the automotive world, and Volvo might be showing us the closest thing we can get to what was used in Demolition Man. Instead of using an internal foam like the movie, Volvo’s idea uses an external balloon that encompasses the car in the event of an impending collision.  If Safety is this important to you we suggest taking a look at the Honda Safety For Everyone Features.

Think Geek’s Batman family car decal set


Some of us at Buckeye Honda are self-proclaimed Geeks and we love Geeky stuff!  This one comes from one of our favorite online retailers at Think Geek.  If you like Geeky Stuff, Car Stuff, Cooking Stuff or ??? don’t forget to say Hello when you are in Buckeye Honda looking for a vehicle or having your ride serviced in our award-winning service department.


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