Multimedia Monday! at Buckeye Honda

HERE WE COME … Back and Better Than Ever.

Today is Multimedia Monday, a look at music, movies, books, the internet and television.  Every day is going to have a unique theme  and we hope that you enjoy it.  We are always looking for input and would love to have yours.  If you have something for one of our weekday themes… drink or food recipes? Music, book or movie reviews or maybe a great idea of something to do on on the weekend send it to us on Facebook and we will make sure you get 98% of the credit (we still want some credit – ha ha ha ).

OK on with Multimedia Monday….

In the world of movies last week we had George Lucas announce the sale of Lucas Films to Disney this was met with a lot of cheers, boos and some people who just went … meh…
Some of our favorite things said on the topic ..

  • “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”  and another one of our favorites…
  • “When you wish upon a Death Star. ” and
  • “Luke, Mickey is now thy father! 

AND OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS — “Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. If they buy Farrah Fawcett, D&D and my parents’ divorce they’ll own my entire childhood.”

What do you think of the announcement?  Are you a fan of Star Wars?  Fan of Disney?  Are you excited to see what happens next or are you over it? Tell us on Facebook what you think… one lucky winner will win a T-Shirt!   Don’t forget to visit our webpage at

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