Buckeye Honda Employee Spotlight: Eric Waddell


Assistant Parts Manager for Buckeye Honda, Eric Waddell, has impressed his co-workers by his dedication, work ethic and love for racing. He has worked at the dealership for seven years now and continues to “wow” his customers with his endless knowledge of the car industry.

When asked what his favorite part of the job was he said, “The technical questions, it’s what I excel at.”

His passion for cars shows through not only his work but his hobby. Eric has been racing for six years and has topped the charts with his skills on the track. He placed 3rd in the nation in the NASA Performance Touring. He said racing was always something he’s wanted to do.

“I’ve always been into cars,” Waddell said. “It’s been my hobby forever.”

Waddell said he loves his job and takes pride in working for Buckeye Honda.

“I like the small family atmosphere of the dealership, everybody knows everybody,” Waddell said.

Eric said he is proud of the efforts Buckeye Honda puts forth to be a part of the local community. Building a relationship and showing their customers that they care is a big bonus to a job, Eric said.

“There’s not one person that doesn’t know what we’re involved in,” Waddell said. “It’s very nice.”

Aside from enjoying his job and everyone he works with, Waddell looks forward to spending time at home with his wife, Amanda, and his newborn baby girl, Hayden Sofia.


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