Lifetime Powertrain Warranty!

Hello Everyone!  I would like to thank you for checking out the Buckeye Honda Blog for Warranty Forever.  I would like to give you the basic and straightforward explanation of what Warranty Forever is; then, let you decide if it is something that makes sense for you as you are making your next car buying decision.

One of the biggest questions asked about “our” warranty is, “Do I have to have my service done at Buckeye Honda?”  The Answer is NO!  Not sure why you would want to have your work done anyplace else; but, you do not have to have it done here to benefit from the Warranty Forever.

Another thing mentioned is the “other” dealership that offers a free warranty with their cars.  Yes their’s covers the entire car, but for only 100,000 miles and not forever.   Did you notice YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF YOUR SERVICE DONE THERE.  No excuses!  This means you have to service your car on their schedule as compared to the manufacturers schedule and at their prices.  I’m guessing it might not be all that free.  The service offered from Buckeye Honda is a lifetime Powertrain Warranty and your service does not have to be done here.

Freedom to decide, Freedom to choose, Freedom to Enjoy you vehicle your way!


There Is No Cost To You!!

Warranty Forever will pay for all repairs to the powertrain components of your vehicle for as long as you own it!*


Browse And Buy With Confidence!

How Does Warranty Forever Work?

Simple and Easy:

No Deductible

100% Parts and labor

No Maximum


No Maximum term

Lasts for as long as you own your vehicle… YES, FOR LIFE!!


Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule at your selling dealer or a pre-authorized facility of your choice and your powertrain components are covered FOREVER!

If you are unable to return to us for service, don’t worry, we have you covered.  All you have to do is call the toll-free number on your Warranty Forever agreement and let us know where you are going.


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